intermediate oculomotor nucleus in the Classical Primate Brain  

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Collapse <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=21'>brain</a>brain
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=27'>forebrain</a>forebrain
Collapse <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=462'>midbrain</a>midbrain
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=465'>tectum</a>tectum
Collapse <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=487'>cerebral peduncle</a>cerebral peduncle
Collapse <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=491'>midbrain tegmentum</a>midbrain tegmentum
mesencephalic tract of the trigeminal nerve
midbrain trigeminal nucleus (mesencephalic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve)
cerebral aqueduct
periaqueductal gray (central gray of the midbrain)
nucleus of the posterior commissure
dorsal raphe nucleus
trochlear nucleus
nucleus of Darkshevich (nucleus of Darkschewitsch)
interstitial nucleus of Cajal
rostral interstitial nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus
dorsal tegmental nucleus
ventral tegmental nucleus
linear nucleus of the raphe (linear nucleus)
peripeduncular nucleus
ventral tegmental area
interpeduncular nucleus
dorsal tegmental decussation
ventral tegmental decussation
dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of the midbrain
medial longitudinal fasciculus of the midbrain
decussation of the superior cerebellar peduncle
central tegmental tract of the midbrain
oculomotor nerve fibers
pallidotegmental fasciculus
lateral pes lemniscus
medial pes lemniscus
medial lemniscus of the midbrain
dentatothalamic tract
spinothalamic tract of the midbrain
Collapse <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=492'>oculomotor nuclear complex</a>oculomotor nuclear complex
dorsal oculomotor nucleus
intermediate oculomotor nucleus
medial oculomotor nucleus
ventral oculomotor nucleus
anterior median oculomotor nucleus
parvocellular oculomotor nucleus
central oculomotor nucleus
caudal central oculomotor nucleus
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=501'>midbrain reticular formation</a>midbrain reticular formation
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=505'>red nucleus</a>red nucleus
trochlear nerve fibers
fasciculus retroflexus of the midbrain
superior cerebellar peduncle of the midbrain
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=536'>substantia nigra</a>substantia nigra
crus cerebri
Expand <a href='CentralDirectory.aspx?ID=540'>hindbrain</a>hindbrain

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