endopiriform claustrum
Acronym: En
The term endopiriform claustrum refers to one of five parts of the classical basal ganglia. The others are the striatum, globus pallidus, amygdala and claustrum. It is a collection of cells located between the claustrum on the one hand and the piriform area and amygdala on the other. It relates in structure and topology to the overlying piriform area as the claustrum relates to the cortical area, particularly the insular cortex, which overlies it. The endopiriform claustrum is found in the human ( Yilmazer-Hanke-2012 ), the macaque ( Price-1990 ), the rat ( Swanson-2004 ), and the mouse ( Hof-2000 ).
     In rodents and the macaque it has two subdivisions: the dorsal endopiriform claustrum and the ventral endopiriform claustrum. In rodents both are located between the piriform area ventrolaterally and the external capsule medially; the location of the dorsal endopiriform claustrum is clearly superior to the ventral endopiriform claustrum. The temporal lobe of the macaque, which corresponds to the ventrolateral area of the rodent, is a much expanded, medially rotated structure. Thus, in the macaque the location of the ventral part of the endopiriform claustrum is medial and superior to the dorsal part ( Paxinos-2009a ). In the human the endopiriform claustrum is not divided into dorsal and ventral parts ( Yilmazer-Hanke-2012 ). Some anatomists divide it into several components: including ventral, prepiriform, diffuse, temporal, limitans, preamygdalar, and ventral parts ( Mai-2004 ).
     The endopiriform claustrum of rodents is known as the endopiriform nucleus, which emphasizes its relation to the overlying piriform area ( Swanson-2004 ). Classically in primates it was known by a variety of names that emphasized its location between the claustrum and the amygdala; 'claustral-amygdalar area' for example ( Crosby-1962 ). Functionally it belongs to the cortical subplate nuclei ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: endopiriform nucleus, ventral claustrumNeuroNames ID : 251

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