area TE of Seltzer
Acronym: TE
The term area TE of Seltzer refers an area of cerebral cortex defined on the basis of cytomyeloarchitecture in the macaque. Seltzer and Pandya (1978), regarding it as the same in location and architecture as area TE of Bonin, and the same as the combined area 20 of Brodmann (guenon) and area 21 of Brodmann (guenon), subdivided it into five areas. In sequence from the temporal pole caudally (on the surface of middle temporal gyrus and the inferior temporal gyrus) and into the lower bank of the superior temporal sulcus they are: area TE1 of Seltzer, area TE2 of Seltzer, area TE3 of Seltzer, area TEm of Seltzer, and area TEa of Seltzer. Several trends of change in architecture across the first four areas in the sequence (TE1 - TEm) give rise to their distinguishing features: a trend toward greater development of the supragranular layers, more prominent pyramidal cells in sublayer IIIc of the external pyramidal layer (III), a better development of the internal granular layer (IV) and the multiform layer (VI). The myeloarchitecture of the first four areas follows a comparable progression from poor myelination in TE1 to development of distinct bands of Baillarger. Area TEa is similar to TEm except that layer IV is less prominent and a prominent outer band of Baillarger is separated from a deeper plexus of myelination by a "small, but discrete, zone that fails to stain for myelin" ( Seltzer-1978 ).

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