area TF of Bonin
Acronym: TF
The term area TF of Bonin refers to an area on the ventral surface of the temporal lobe in the macaque that is defined on the basis of cytoarchitecture. It is located largely in the fusiform gyrus. Compared to area TE of Bonin the cortex is thinner, especially the internal pyramidal layer (V) and multiform layer (VI), and "there is clearly visible… the characteristic which Economo gives for this region in man: 'the substratum Vb directly below has large cells… less densely arranged… so that Vb appears distinctly lighter… than the above stratum… Sometimes the cells in the upper layer Va are also less compactly arranged and this part of the stratum is then paler, which makes V show with a darker intermediate band between its upper and lower lighter rows'" ( Bonin-1947 ).

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